To help organizations reach financial sustainability, ensuring that they may continue providing valuable services and resources in our community.

Our professional services help organizations develop full-cycle grant fundraising, donor relations & communications, and effective programming. We believe that each of our clients are providing important services and resources in the community and are committed to helping them achieve their goals by building strong grant-funding cycles.

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To create a world in which:
• Financial resources are equally & fairly distributed;
• Everyone has access to resources necessary to live healthy, joyful lives;
• Humans are choosing sustainable, Earth-minded lifestyles.

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Temenos can help your organization achieve financial sustainability by:

  • Creating effective, funder-specific grant applications;
  • Streamlining grant-writing efforts for highest efficiency;
  • Creating achievable grant-funding goals and action plans;
  • Developing consistent communications with long-term funders;
  • Improving fundability of programs;
  • Developing long-term systems for community outreach (i.e. Newsletters);
  • Other custom needs.
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